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We have reached an important milestone

After months of hard work, due to the commitment of the project partners, we have reached a very important milestone in our INTERMODEL EU project and we have done it earlier than it was scheduled.

Macomi, spin-off from Rotterdam specialized in simulation based decision support systems and predictive analytics, in cooperation with INTERMODEL EU project partners (IDP and Melzo Contship Italia Terminal) has developed the first demonstration of the library of simulation components.

The demonstration was a simulation model of the Melzo intermodal terminal and it included:

  • Coupling between BIM (layout of terminal) and Simulation;
  • All equipment used at Melzo (Rail Cranes, Terminal Tractor and Reach Stackers;
  • Gate and external trucks;
  • Trains (international and domestic);
  • KPIs on operational performance.

For more information about a simulation model, please contact us by our online contact form.

Train unloading and loading process

Trucks arriving at the gate