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We came We saw We were impressed.

ESPOO FinlandThe work is far from over but what we saw at our 5  th Global Meeting in Espoo, Finland was truly impressive. Thanks to Janne Porkka from VTT and VIASYS’s teams we had a very pleasant stay. Busy but in a nice atmosphere. During the two days meeting we looked at what has been done since we last met in Milan and the work that has to be done in the last 6‐months. Deliverables to be submitted by the end of the project, and what is expected from each partner. The leaders of each WP had a presentation about the progress of work, plans for the next period, risk and opportunities and the challenges. At the end of the second day presentations it was time for a discussion.

The most impressive part of the meeting was to see the visualizations of Melzo and La Spezia port mobility integrated in the platform developed by VIASYS and VTT, how it works, what you can find out from it and what you can do with it. Of course, without the input, the work, the data from all project partners this would not be possible and might not make so much impact.

This is the work that consists, among other things, of a lot of data that needs to be collected, processed, interpreted and added to show the whole picture and how it was achieved in order to improve the intermodal transport planning. There is still a lot of work to be done here and number of results that need to be presented, one of them to end the set of Key Performance Indicators for assessing and operating intermodal terminals that will be included in final platform. More than ever we cannot be forgetting to disseminate and communicate what we already know and have and to think on how to exploit the results of this interesting project. The next six months will be very busy indeed!