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On Friday 28th of September 2018 ended our 4th Global Meeting

We did a great job!

At the invitation of our Italian partner CONTSHIP ITALIA S.P.A. we spent the first day at the Inland Terminal in Melzo, where we discussed the progress of our work and individual WP’s. And we have something to be proud of. The project moves in the right direction and the work is getting more and more advanced. Among the things we did were presentations, overviews on the advancement of the simulation models from MACOMI and CIMNE as well as the infrastructure model from IDP and an overview on technologies to carry bulk in containers by Kiruna Wagon. We watched the preliminary visualizations of the terminal simulations by VIASYS and had a long workshop on how the KPIs provided by the models should be graded coordinated by CIMNE and DHL. The rest of the Partners, BASF, BEDESHI, FGC, and ZNIK were also hard at work that led to a lot of positive feedback.

On the second day, thanks to the courtesy of our partner AUTORITA DI SISTEMA DEL MAR LIGURE ORIENTALE, we visited the La Spezia container port. We talked about communication and dissemination of the project results from ZNIK, and took part in Exploitation Workshop prepared by IDP. We were “brainstorming” in smaller groups regarding activities after completion of the project.

The second day ended with a social dinner – Italian food is really delicious!

We spent our third, and last, day in Milan, where the next steps and plans for the following months were discussed. An important element of the day was the workshop on WP2 on the visualization tool.

On Friday 28th of October 2018 ended our 4th Global Meeting