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New public deliverables on our website

The INTERMODELEU project reached the end of its first year. According to our schedule, we have posted on our website new public deliverables:

  1. Risk and contingency plan. Month 12
  2. Integrated planning environment architecture
  3. Communication Plan 2
  4. Conference paper 1: Integrated planning environment in terminal projects

Risk and contingency plan reports about the monitoring and control activities related to the risks, starting with those described in the initial Risks Plan (RP), included in the project proposal and  the ones identified while the project advances. The document details the approach that will be adopted through all the steps of risk identification, assessment and management. In addition, the RP outlines the processes and actions to be developed and implemented to neutralize the risks.

Integrated planning environment architecture
explains the main principles for the integration platform. The approach describes first how terminals are developing and what kind of  challenges there are. These trends are also affecting to the material flow and the operation of ports and inland terminals. Then the report explains how the work practices in the industry are becoming increasingly digitized. Model based tools are used in design and construction, providing better opportunity to coordinate plans. We introduce software architecture for Decision Support Platform  that brings  together BIM based design, operative  simulation of  the terminal and performance evaluation with indicators.

Communication Plan 2
is the first update of the Communication Plan, which was created after six months of project implementation. The deliverable aims to set up the strategy for the dissemination and the communication activities planned to be carried out within the INTERMODEL EU project. The Communication Plan determines target groups to be addressed with the results of the project, outlines dissemination tools. The document also defines the key performance indicators (KPIs) that will be used to assess measure efficiency of the dissemination activities.

Conference paper 1: Integrated planning environment in terminal projects
This deliverable includes “Terminal Planning: “The Selection of Relevant KPIs to Evaluate Operations” a conference paper sent to TRA2018 conference in Vienna Austria on April 16-19. The work considers indicators in performance evaluation, serving as background for integrated planning environment to be discussed more in upcoming work.