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Intermodel Project meeting in Kiruna

On the 4 – 6 April 2017 in the Town of Kiruna in Sweden, there’ve been another Intermodel Project Global Meeting.

Representatives of the Intermodel Project Consortium under the Horizon 2020 program, were in a picturesque facility located in Kiruna Town, famous for its iron ore mines, unique views of the northern lights and ice palaces, reindeer and hospitable people.

The event was full of professional conversations, multimedia presentations and workshops concentrating on the development of project structure, its dissemination and also activities in the field of research and development.

The meeting was presided by Ms. Gisela Soley and Mr. David Martín Moncunill, and participaded by all 10 Work Packages liders.

Mr. Fredrik Kangas representative of Kiruna Wagon was the Event Coordinator.

During the meeting main issues of Intermodel Project were discussed. Every participant presented his organization tasks: CENIT – External Mobility Effects, IDP –  BIM Intermodal Terminal,  Ethical Issues & Data Management Plan, VTT – Integrated planning environment and decision support overview, FGC – Data & Indicators definitions , MAC – Terminals Operational Simulations , DHL and CENIT – Functional, economic and environmental analysis, ZNIK – Exploitation, dissemination and communication.

The disscusion’ve been dominated by diferent asspects of aspects of approach to research methodology in a project based on real or virtual data.

There also was a Kiruna Wagon Workshop with innovative bulk wagons demo and unforgettable LKAB Mining Tour during which, the participants learned about the iron ore extraction technology, from the time the ore was extracted from the deposit through the processing and transportation technologies to the final recipients.

Photos by Janne Porkka