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INTERMODEL will be presented at GEOBIM Europe 2016

The INTERMODEL project will be presented at the Conference on Geospatial BIM for Building Smart Infrastructure in Amsterdam, to be held the 24th and the 25th of November 2016. It will be presented in the ‘Country Experience: BIM implementation across Europe’ conference.

GeoBIM Europe is the leading industry-outreach initiative, which serves as a platform for geospatial community to interact closely with planners, architects, engineers, builders, building owners and operators; and discuss the potential and challenges of geospatial and BIM integration in Europe.

The 2016 edition of GeoBIM Europe will take the initiative engagement with the stakeholder one step ahead and shall focus on the problem solving approach and facilitate discussions between the users and technology providers with the ultimate goal of finding solutions to some of the major challenges faced by the users.

GEOBIM Europe 2016 will feature over 40 speakers from The Netherlands, India, United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, Canada, France, Spain, Sweden and Belgium.

Read more on the official GEOBIM Europe website: http://geo-bim.org/europe/